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DIY Conservatories, Conservatory, Gardenrooms - The Pros and Cons.


1. click here for your free brochureYou usually save money. You, in effect, become your own contractor. If you don't wish to complete any particular aspect of the work yourself, such as digging the foundations, then you can sub-contract out that part of your work. If you can purchase a STANDARD model then the savings are likely to be even greater.
2. You can be confident that you have complete control of the final result. You will be more likely to take the necessary time over the more difficult parts or any problems that might arise. You would be more likely to "rush" the problems that might occur if you were the contractor working to a price. If you have something unusual on your site which might require a little extra attention, then this can be particularly relevant.
3. You have the personal satisfaction of knowing that the work is done exactly as you want it. You know every "inch" of your conservatory personally. If you are somebody who "despairs" at ever getting a job done exactly as you want it then perhaps it's time to do it yourself. If you consider yourself a competent DIYer then building your own conservatory is a real possibility. A number of companies now specialize in supplying to the DIY market and there are Tips booklets and "How To" guides available. All it takes is time and lots of patience.

DIY Conservatories? uPVC Conservatories, Hardwood Conservatories, All styles, all sizes. To request your free brochure click here



1. Apart from all the "hard graft" there are not many disadvantages - except perhaps that you are working for the most difficult client - yourself! You, and you alone are responsible for the final result. It can be quite lonely doing it yourself - especially if you come up against any problems. You could consider enlisting the help of a friend or neighbour. Perhaps you could help each other with each other's conservatory - a sort of joint effort. A second pair of hands and viewpoint will often help in overcoming the challenges that will arise.
2. When reviewing "standard models" for DIY installation you will find that many do not currently offer alternatives such as Pilkington K glass and 25 mm polycarbonate. If you are determined to have a TOP insulation specification then you may well have no alternative but to have a made-to-measure conservatory from a supplier offering these alternatives. This will of course usually cost more.
3. While there are a number of companies offering a wide range of standard models there are fewer set up to supply a DIY consumer with a MADE-TO-MEASURE conservatory. Many of those who do provide a "supply only" service are companies who normally supply the "trade" or small builders. These companies will assume that you are familiar with glazing and "normal" installation practice and to be fair to them "holding the hand" of DIYers is not usually part of the service. You will also often find in these situations that you will be responsible for supplying silicones, fixing screws, trims, glues etc. It's worth bearing this in mind when placing an order. You may also like to enquire if there is a HELP LINE available if you have any problems. Satisfy yourself of the above and if necessary pay more to get the help you may need.

We emphasize these last points to DIYers who did not fully appreciate the above. It's wise to realize that many of these companies (who after all are selling at trade prices) will not expect to have to give you any more help than they would the trade.

DIY Conservatories? uPVC Conservatories, Hardwood Conservatories, All styles, all sizes. To request your free brochure click here

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DIY Conservatories come in a variety of materials such as Wood eg hardwood, timber and oak, PVCu also known as uPVC and PVC plastic and metal such as Aluminium.

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