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This editorial provided by Quantal Conservatory Roof Systems

With extensive areas of glazing, conservatories attract large amounts of the suns radiation, which can create internal heat build-up, often with high humidity levels on warm days and may result in condensation on cooler days. Ventilation is therefore absolutely vital in any conservatory to ensure a comfortable environment.

This leaflet describes some of the most popular options currently available. Your installer will be able to answer any queries and provide costs for any of the options.

Your primary decision will be whether to opt for Roof Vents, Fans, Extraction or Air Exchange.

The simplest and most economic method of ventilation is the opening roof vent; a rectangular, top hinged glazed unit, fitted within a roof panel. These attractive and proven units are water and draught proof and may be operated manually or electrically.

Uses a lightweight pole with a manual crank handle at the lower end and a hook at the top which opens or closes the vent. Stored away when not required, it avoids the need for a fixed operating mechanism.

A traditional fixed manual mechanism, comprising a winding handle control box linked by flexible rod to an opening device mounted on the vent.

An electric motor unit is attached to the vent, controlled by either; a wall-mounted switch, or an infra-red remote control unit. Multi-vent, rain sensor and thermostatic versions are available.

Although not strictly ventilation, a stylish, quiet running ceiling fan is a valuable asset to a conservatory environment. In summer it provides an excellent down-draught cooling effect which can reduce the temperature by up to 5° and reduce air conditioning costs by up to 40%. In winter, by reversing the fan direction, warmer air trapped in the roof can be re-circulated to reduce heating costs by up to 10%. There is a wide range of designs available; including combined light fitments, multiple speed and infra-red remote control.

The Siegenia ‘AEROSTAR Classic’ is an example of a popular ventilation extractor unit. It rapidly reduces temperature and humidity levels by extracting up to 280 cubic metres of air per hour. Quiet in operation and unobtrusive in appearance, this powerful unit is externally mounted in a roof panel. Control is via a basic switch panel, or a combined electronic humidity and temperature control unit. It can also be linked to a rain-sensor allowing automatic shut-down and sealing of the exit louvers.

Combitronic - Combined electronic, humidity and Temperature control unit.

An efficient ventilation system that simultaneously removes stale air and replaces it with fresh; The Segenia AEROPLUS provides ventilation and humidity control with heat recovery. It is an energy saving method that recovers and re circulates up to 60% of the heat from the extracted air, while replacing it with up to 30 cubic metres of fresh air an hour. This environmentally friendly unit can also remove nearly 6 litres of water per day. Particularly beneficial in a conservatory with high humidity, it is mounted on an external wall and controlled manually or automatically.

Incoming fresh air through three adjustable nozzles Automatic extraction of air from the room

To ensure the efficiency of any ventilation system, there must be a constant source through which fresh air can be drawn into the building, either from a door, side window or air brick etc.

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DIY Conservatories come in a variety of materials such as Wood eg hardwood, timber and oak, PVCu also known as uPVC and PVC plastic and metal such as Aluminium.

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