Every home needs a bookcase to display your book collection. These days, however, bookshelves are not just for keeping your books and having a small library in your home. You can use a bookcase to display your artwork, plants, and picture frames. Choose your bookcase wisely because it’s going to be in your home for years or even decades. You might be wondering what to consider when choosing the right bookcase. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect one for your home.

Consider the Size

The bookcase size matters, considering the space in your room and the number of books you have. Start by measuring the space to help you narrow down the size. The wider the space, the larger the bookcase you can work with. Most bookcases start at three feet tall, and some are about eight feet tall. The width should be relative to the height. The depth should be at least 12 inches. Make sure there’s enough space between the shelves.

Material Matters

All bookcases serve the purpose regardless of the material. The material, however, determines how long a bookcase will last. Also, a weaker material makes it harder to move. Wooden bookcases, especially those made with hardwood, are the standard types. Metal shelves are less bulky than wood, making them the best option for those who prefer a streamlined and contemporary look. However, if you are on a budget, you can opt for an MDF particle board, which may not survive the test of time.

The Functionality

You would want to consider some options when buying a bookcase. Do you need one with wheels, adjustable-height shelves, or room dividers? Wheels will help improve the mobility of the unit from one room to another. Also, consider choosing a bookcase with movable shelves that can be adjusted to different heights or sizes. Also, a room divider bookcase concept can be a good idea, meaning it can stand on its own.

Choose One with On Display and Hidden Away

Perhaps the best choice of a bookcase is the one that has drawers or doors. Bookcases with doors are referred to as bookcase cabinets. They allow you to keep items you don’t want to display, secure them and protect them from dust. This bookcase also features some open shelves so that you can show your pictures: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/


Buying a bookcase is not hard. You only have to pick what’s suitable for you. Consider your budget and the volume of the stuff you want to store in the unit.