Spring is finally here and there is nothing as exciting and rejuvenating as this time. The chilly days that have been upon us for months is now over and the urge to update our homes is getting stronger. If you are yearning to change your home a little bit without doing drastic changes then keep your eyes locked here. We have put together a few tips you can use to update your home.

Change your throw pillows

Swapping your throw pillows is the easiest way to update your home. It is not time consuming and it can be done in minutes. You can change your throw pillows and blankets throughout the house to get that refreshing look. You can use soft colors like pink or lilac. Also, you can change your textiles for a more refreshing and traditional look.

Clean up

Nothing says spring is here than giving your house a spring clean. Give your home a proper and refreshing scrub that might not be easy to do during those hot summer days or the chilly winter days. Clean up every corner of your house, the linens and even your furniture. This might take longer but it will bring some freshness and life to your home.

Reduce clutter

As we spruce up our spaces for spring, reducing clutter is a great way of making our home clean and neat. You can add chic and stylish baskets which can also double up as an accessory.

More tips to consider

  • Change your art
  • Replace your light bulbs and add dimmers
  • Update your bedding